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For over a decade, the RIC continuously proves to be an incredible resource to both students and employers. Serving as a platform for students, non-profit organizations, and companies to get in contact to determine if they're a good fit for a long-term employment relationship, the Regional Internship Center strives to connect diverse students with companies who recognize their value.

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For over a decade, The Regional Internship Center has provided support to higher learning institutions in Pennsylvania. RIC is now aiding students nationwide in their professional growth, better preparing them to enter the workforce permanently. If you are interested in how RIC can be an extension of your schools career center or if you’d like to host an employer/student event on campus click here.

Are you an employer looking to diversify your workforce and bring fresh new ideas to your company? RIC is the only internship center solely dedicated to connecting diverse students with companies. Learn more about how you can make your internship posting available to the highly qualified members of RIC, click here.

For Employers or Universities email us.
For internship seekers, feel free to email us or call 888.975.1386.